Delivery Area

We offer delivery anywhere within a 10-mile radius of downtown Niagara Falls (American side only). If you're located farther away, please contact us in advance for availability.

To ensure a smooth experience for both our guests and our team, we recommend selecting a designated spot from the map, "Meeting Points".

Drop Off Procedure

When our team arrives at the designated drop-off location, we will park in a safe area, unload the bikes, and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the ebikes. We will also conduct a competency test to ensure that you are comfortable and confident before setting off on your adventure. Ensuring a safe and open area is crucial for us to provide the best experience during the delivery process.

Drop Off and Pickup Locations

The drop-off spot for your ebike does not necessarily need to be the same as the pickup spot. If you prefer to cover as much ground as possible in a straight line, we can arrange to pick you up at your desired end point. However we cannot provide you transportation back to your starting point.

WIth this in mind, go wherever (just stay in the US and stay off pedestrian pathways). We will keep an eye on your GPS location and arrange a pickup at the end of your rental.