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Q: Where are we allowed to ride?

A: GO ANYWHERE! (In USA) Just do so legally and responsibly. You can get picked up early, or change your pickup location mid-ride, just let us know! If you wish to get a closer look at the falls or gorge, you can easily secure your eBike using the included bike lock and continue on foot. This is truly the best way to explore Niagara Falls.

Q: What are the requirements to rent an eBike?

A: To rent one of our eBikes, riders must meet the following requirements:

  • Rider Specifications: Our eBikes are recommended for riders between 5'3" and 6'3" in height and weighing no more than 350 pounds.
  • Riders must be 16 years of age or older ( NYS law :/ )
  • Attire: Riders must wear a helmet (provided by us) and suitable sneakers or closed-toe shoes.
  • Competency Test: Prior to departure, riders are required to pass a competency test, which includes demonstrating proficiency in riding with pedal assist, throttle-only operation, and proper use of turn signals.
  • Liability Waiver: All riders are required to sign a liability waiver before renting an eBike. This ensures that riders acknowledge and accept the inherent risks involved in riding and release us from any liability for injuries or damages.
  • Deposit: A refundable deposit of $100 is also required at the time of rental. The deposit will be returned upon the safe return of the eBike in its original condition.

These requirements are in place to prioritize rider safety and protect our equipment. Should you have any further questions about the rental requirements or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Where can you deliver the Ebikes to?

A: We provide convenient bike delivery within a 20-mile radius of downtown Niagara Falls on the American side. If you need delivery outside of this radius, please contact us for approval.

To ensure a smooth rental experience, we recommend choosing one of our pre-selected Meeting Points. These routes, indicated on our website map, offer safe and convenient locations for our trailer. By selecting a designated drop-off spot, we can efficiently complete the bike overview and competency test.

Please note that our priority is your safety and enjoyment. In some cases, if we anticipate a crowded location, we may suggest an alternative pick-up and drop-off spot nearby. Rest assured, we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience.

For more information or any specific questions about bike delivery or drop-off locations, please reach out to us. We're here to make your eBike rental experience in Niagara Falls as enjoyable as possible.

Q: Can I end my ride earlier then expected?

A: Yes, you can end your ride early or request a different pickup location than originally planned. However, please note that we are unable to provide transportation back to your car or hotel. Our service is limited to picking up the bikes only. If you need to end your ride early or require a different pickup location, please give us a call, and we will make arrangements to pick up the bikes at the new location as soon as possible.